Twin Mirrors – Tenderhooks

The first time I saw Twin Mirrors was at a matinee gig on Sauciehall Street in October 2013.  They were fuzzy, musically and sartorially, feedback ridden (which I’ve since discovered was as much to do with the venue as the band) and they rocked.  They were rough, in the nicest possible sense, but they definitely had tunes.  Move the clock forward a couple of years, after countless gigs missed due to (a) bad planning and (b) fate, I caught up with them for only the second time at King Tuts last month.  The tunes are still there, plus some more, and the gig happily coincides with the release of their Tenderhooks ep, a limited edition cd release on Shoot The Moon Records.


The title track is a steam train, beats you into submission with a hook you’d have to be dead to avoid joining in with.  180 follows, with the same psychedelic feel, with superb harmonies, like the Beach Boys if they’d really tried to enjoy themselves a little more.  The final track, Why, is an older song, I remember it from that first gig, but it fits perfectly with the other two tracks and ends on a high, cymbals crashing, guitar wailing.

I was asked recently by a friend to describe the Twin Mirrors sound, and I admit I struggled.  In the end I came up with something along the lines of “heads down, no nonsense rock n roll”, and I stand by that, even though I don’t think the band would necessarily like it!  Twin Mirrors aren’t going to bring down any governments, as much as they should probably be allowed to.  But what they will do is make the world a better place by releasing music as good as this.  Think of a non neurotic Nirvana, or Weezer if they didn’t try to sound quite so clever.  They’re a bit more than just the “Two Piece Noisy Psych Punks” they call themselves.  And we should be grateful they’re around.  Stream a track down there, then buy it here


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