non la – 0

So here’s the thing.  I started to look into music coming from Canada because I know someone from Vancouver, British Columbia.  What I didn’t know was that there also happens to be a Vancouver, Washington.  Which is different.  So now I’m confused.  According to their Bandcamp, non la are from Vancouver, Washington.  non la are Dan On (bass and vocals) and Marisa Holmes (drums).   They are quite reticent when it comes to self promotion, which is cool.  Not everyone wants to shout from the rooftops about how brilliant they are, and they don’t need to, because I’ll gladly do it instead.

Body, the first track on 0, their 5 track ep, rumbles into view, overdrive and fuzz turned up to 11, before the drums kick in, with a bass drum that sounds like it’s being played from the back room at 666 Beelzebub Avenue, Devilville (pop. everyone, if they’re lucky).  And it’s the same for each one word titled track.  (I don’t know if that’s significant, if it tells us anything about the band, but it stood out for me.  Shakespeare said “Brevity is the soul of wit”.  Maybe that’s it?)  Each song is different from the one before though.  Reject belongs on the playlist of any punk radio station or club.  Without sounds like Beck realised he’d be much better off trying to rewrite Mellow Gold but with a little help from Let It Slide era Mudhoney.  Spilling, erm, spills all over your stereogram, frantic bass playing, cymbals crashing.  Final track, Waves, is my favourite.  It’s as heavy as the other songs, it’s got the melody of Reject and Body, but the bass makes you feel like you’ll need a chest transplant if it doesn’t stop soon.  And I like that.

From what I can tell, they haven’t been together as band for very long.  I know they play in other bands (Dan plays with TV Ugly, who you’ll definitely hear more about on here) but I really hope we get to hear more from non la soon.  The non guitar element makes me think of Thin Privilege (r.i.p. Thin Privilege) and the grunge/punk melody reminds me of both Pinact and Womps.  And none of those comparisons can be a bad thing, can they?  Loud music you can dance to – what more do you want?


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